Vinnie Coppola’s love affair with the stage started in the fourth grade when he was cast in the school play as “The Ghost of Jacob Marley” in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This first “landmark event”, combined with his incompetence at sports ultimately steered him towards the performing arts.

During his sophomore year at Flagler College, Vinnie discovered a Thursday night open mic showcase at one of his regular hangouts. Six days later he was performing stand-up comedy on that stage – and continued every week after that for close to a year. He quickly developed a reputation for being creative and highly experimental and it didn’t take long before he was booking paid spots at local comedy clubs and being hired by area businesses to perform at their corporate events.

His comedy is mostly observational but from a cynical, uniquely skewed and charmingly naive perspective which can only be described as “Vinnie Coppola”. His persona onstage is his real secret weapon. Vinnie is extremely likable up there and this allows him to always connect with an audience. In addition, his thirteen plus years of experience “on the road” as a professional stand-up comedian have made him an incredibly versatile performer. Whether it’s a one-night stand in a bar, the “bluest” of comedy clubs or the “G” Rated cleanest of corporate shows – Vinnie Coppola is consistently succesful.

Vinnie Coppola is one of the founding members of the Jacksonville, FL Comedy Zone Comedy Workshop and he helped develop the Make-Me-Laugh Monday comedy shows – both of which are still going strong to date. He has appeared on the Nashville Network, HBO’s Entourage, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, Comedy Central, The RFD Network’s Larry’s Country Diner and Turner South’s Liar’s and Legends. He created, developed and wrote the 7 part web series Code Name: 12 and he is a regular guest on several syndicated morning shows including John Boy and Billy, Rick and Bubba and Bob and Sheri.

Vinnie Coppola currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife where he continues working as an actor, writing scripts and performing stand-up comedy.