WiseguysThe Wise Guys are none other than the “Hit Man” Vinnie Coppola and“Nice Guy” Steve Mingolla.  Their story begins, not as a couple of wise guys, but as two average Joe comedians.  Sure they were funny, Italian and good looking (each in his own right).  Both guys headlined comedy clubs and theaters from coast to coast for years.  For the money, you could not find two better acts with that much gorgeous hair anywhere!

Eventually, on a chance engagement, a couple of goodfellas would join families.  It was the summer of 2000 at the Atlantis Resort in, where else?.. the Bahamas baby! It was a comedy concert event staring both Vinnie Coppola and Steve Mingolla.  The show rocked!  The next day, they were both sipping on martinis and scuba diving with sharks (True Story).

Separately, the Hit Man Vinnie Coppola and Nice Guy Steve Mingolla are extraordinary headliners.  Together as the WiseguysNYEWise Guys they are unbeatable.  Their show has been requested back time and time again.  Both have been killing across the country for years and have now joined forces to produce a high energy, original show that has been delighting audiences all over the world.  They also wrote, produced, and performed a hit holiday song on CD entitled “The Wise Guys Twelve Days of Christmas” that can be heard on radio stations every Christmas Season.

In addition to working special events, the Wise Guys perform in numerous comedy clubs and theaters across the U.S.  Some of their favorite venues and return engagements are the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Comedy off Broadway in Lexington, KY, the Comedy Catch, Chattanooga, The Stardome, Birmingham, Al and the Comedy Zones located throughout the country.  And, this past February, the Wise Guys were the main event at a Valentine’s Holiday Weekend in Greenville, SC.

The Wise Guys have appeared on radio shows throughout the country such as the John Boy and Billy Big Show and Rick and Bubba.  They are also part of a television special featuring James Gregory called Liars and Legends on Turner South.

Check out a live performance of The Wiseguys’ Christmas song: